Our Services: Extra Mile Included.

We do more than get the right thing to the right place at the right time. We handle everything involved in the set-up, delivery, and commissioning of your equipment. We coordinate with general contractors and manufacturers. And we do it on a national scale.

Here are just a few of the services we provide our clients, at no extra charge…

Value Engineering

We offer nationwide pricing programs that assure you get the best price possible for everything you need.

Design and Layout Consulting

Problems with installation? Not with us. We coordinate with your contractors; provide plumbing, electrical, and mechanical guidance-and oversee the installation process.

Equipment That Works On The First Try

We supervise set-up, start-up, and new equipment testing to make sure. If there’s a problem, we’ll deal with the manufacturer.

The Right Equipment Every Time

We write equipment specs, develop shop drawings for fabrication, define field dimensions, and communicate with manufacturers to make sure your equipment fits your specialized concept and needs.

The Best Price On Fulfillment

We consolidate equipment for jobsite deliveries-and handle uncrating and preparation for final connections.

Warranty and Service Oversight

Each customer gets a binder with all warranty and service documentation and info. Plus, we’ll step in to handle warranty and service issues when needed.