We Eat Big Challenges For Breakfast.

A hundred new restaurants in California? Fifty in Canada? Seventy in Tennessee? No problem. We’ll get you all the equipment you need—without breaking a sweat.

No matter what your big challenge is, we’re on it. We specialize in chain restaurants—and we do more than supply kitchen equipment. We coordinate with general contractors and handle logistics, installation, and more so you don’t have to. And we excel at what we do.

Go ahead. Put us to the test.



A special-ops team of project managers, problem-solvers, and industry experts. We’re passionate about what we do—and relentless in our pursuit of excellence.



Making your restaurant openings possible—on a nationwide scale. Saving you time. Saving you money. And making it look easy.



Everywhere. Whether you want to open across the country or around the world, we’re already there—and we can make it happen.

Clients: What They Said

The relationship between us goes back to when we were still St. Louis Bread Co. Concept Services has been a key component in allowing us to expand in the way we have. We understand the value of a long term relationship. We have a long term development plan and it’s good to know we have a dedicated partner like them. they handle all our equipment needs”

Ken Sisk

Director of Construction and New Store Development, Panera Bread Co, St. Louis, MO

All our projects require extensive hand holding. We have a lot of special needs and really depend on them to take care of the details. They’re so good, we have them do all our work. They’re unbelievable”

Sonny Long, Sr.

VP of Construction and Development, Marriott Corp., Washington, DC

They know our equipment, their pricing is very competitive, they handle business in a professional and timely manner and they follow up on outstanding issues until I’m satisfied. They still check in every so often just to see how I’m doing. They sell service and they deliver it.”

Catherine Conley

Orange Leaf #70

I plan to work with Mr. Smith in the future in every store we develop in West Virginia and feel his aggressive and attentive personality fits well with the young and aggressive personality at Orange Leaf Corporate.”

Dr. Roger

J. Harris, Jr.

In the Press

Members of the Food Service community regard Concept Services as one of the industry’s most innovative companies and agent of change.”

Maureen Slocum

Publisher FES/Reed Business Publications

it’s that relentless pursuit of perfection that trickles down through Concept Services’ ranks and drives the individual teams and employees to provide value in the customer’s terms.”

Joe Carbonara

Editor in Chief, Equipment & Supplies Magazine

if something doesn’t work the way I want – some process or procedure, [they] will design something to take care of the problem. [They] are very customer driven and gear themselves around whatever I need.”


Sonic of Austin, Austin Business Journal

I’ve created a company that has a culture of discipline. Our people are disciplined. Our thinking is
focused. What we do is disciplined. We only do one thing and we do it right.”

Hal Schroeder

FEDA News & Views Publication